Thursday, July 24, 2008

Wood Lands on DL AGAIN!

That's right Lou! Our boy Kerry Wood is on the disabled list once again. This time for a blister on his throwing hand. Wood has not pitched since July 11th.

Now I have had a few blisters in my time and none were quite serious enough for me to miss any time off my job. I have heard all the folks say that it is quite a serious injury because it could get infected and develop into a bigger problem. Give me a break! He pitches one inning max occasionally. He is not needed every single night! What kind of doctors and trainers are working on this? Have they not heard of Neosporin?????

What is going on with the players nowadays? Does anyone remember George Brett playing with hemorrhoid pain in the 1980 World Series? He got though 6 innings of game 2 and had to have surgery on them the next day. In game 3 he was playing! And he hit a home run! Baseball needs a few more warriors like Brett.

So for now, I have hung up my Wood jersey in my closest, along with my Mark Prior jersey that is useless since he went to San Diego. I got on Ebay tonight and ordered up an Alfonso Soriano jersey. He just got off the DL so it should be wearable for at least a month or so. I hope!

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