Thursday, July 31, 2008

CC Sabathia: Class Act

CC Sabathia bought an ad in Cleveland's daily newspaper, "The Plain Dealer" to thank the fans of Cleveland for the years of support during his career there.

"Thank you for 10 great years ... You've touched our lives with your kindness, love and generosity. We are forever grateful! It's been a privilege and an honor!" read the ad, signed by CC, his wife Amber and the Sabathia family.

The ad cost CC $12,870! In an era when professional players are paid millions of dollars and we the fans support our favorite players through it all, it is nice to see one finally give back. I mean how many folks bought up the Kobe Bryant number 8 jersey just to turn around and have to buy the number 24 jersey??? Do I dare mention the $300 authentic Mark Prior Cubs jersey that I never even got to take the tags off of???? Or now with the Manny trade, all Manny fans will have to go get the new Dodgers jersey and throw the Red Sox jersey in the back of the closet or go out and buy a Pedoria jersey. The games we attend, the autographs we collect, the jerseys we buy...

Finally it seems, someone gets it. Thanks CC for being such a classy guy and a great pitcher.

Now excuse, me while I head to Ebay to buy up a CC autographed ball.

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