Tuesday, August 12, 2008

UFC: Georges St Pierre Domination

I went over to my buddy Jimmy's house this past weekend to watch UFC 87. After downing a couple of yummy grilled out hotdogs it was time for some action!

I had not seen any of Brock Lesnar's previous fights but if this one was any indication of his skills, then watch out for this guy. He is a monster! He hit Heath Herring so hard that after falling on his butt the force flipped him backwards. That fight was so much fun to watch! Heath's face looked like it had been run over by a tire. Check out the photo!

Georges St. Pierre dominated Jon Fitch. There were so many times I thought Fitch was done but that crazy bastard would shake it off and keep coming at St. Pierre.
St. Pierre is so precise, like a surgeon. He doesn't waste any moves, does damage on almost every shot. I don't think he has any body fat at all. It makes me sick. That just isn't human!
I can't wait to watch Liddell fight next month. See if he can get his act together finally and whip up on Rashard Evans.

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