Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Brett Favre Traded to the NY Jets

Brett Favre has been traded to the NY Jets. All the details have not been released yet but rumors are he was traded for a single draft pick. The pick will depend on how well the Jets perform in 2008.
It makes me sad that this is how it was worked out. I almost wish he had just taken the money and stayed retired. If he comes back and plays terribly he will have to go out like that instead of leaving having taken a team that was not expected to do much all they way to the NFL Championship game.
This just makes the anticipation of the 2008 football season even worse. Hurry up September!
Does this mean Chad Pennington will be going to Tampa Bay????


Anonymous said...

Hey Chanin,
I missed what has been going on about Favre. He retired and then wanted to come back and the team didn't want him anymore? Is that right?? And why all the fuss? I thought players didn't play very long,,,,isn't he past his prime by now?


Chanin Bissinger said...

Yes,that is what happened. The Packers had moved on and did not need him to come back.

He is pretty old and considering he is on the cover of the new Madden game, he will be injured most of the season. He should have gotten out while he was feeling pretty good.