Wednesday, September 24, 2008

24 Hours of Insanity

24 hours ago I was in a hospital emergency room. I had been there for four very long hours.

On Sunday I woke up with a weird feeling in my leg and tried my best to ignore it. Yesterday evening, when dismounting from the toilet seat became a challenge, I decided I should have it looked at on Wednesday morning. I made a few phone calls to friends to tell them what was going on and every single one of them thought it sounded like a blood clot and convinced me it would dislodge and I would be dead at any moment. Some of my "friends" even asked if I could quickly scribble out a will so they could have my Mickey Mantle autographed baseball.

I arrived at the hospital where they quickly took my vitals. Then I waited for 3 hours. While I was waiting they called me back again to take my vitals again. I told the tech that this had already been done but she said they have to take them every hour if they have time. Lovely.

Finally it was my turn to go back. I was poked and prodded on for awhile by the doctor when he finally decides I should have an ultrasound. In my mind I am imagining the pleasant thing they do to pregnant women and it would not be so bad. Boy was I wrong. The poor woman that had to do my ultrasound got to get up close and personal with my kootchiepop. I was trying to point out to her that my injury seemed behind my knee but that didn't seem to phase her. She took that scanner and shoved it as hard as she could on what felt like a major artery and made me wish the clot had already dislodged itself. I cannot remember being so uncomfortable. This went on for twenty minutes. As I rode in the wheelchair back to my room, I saw many cops lined up outside a door and inside I could hear something banging, as I passed I saw this crazed man banging his head against the wall. The cops were trying to convince him to stop but he just kept banging. The nurse just chuckled.

Finally the doctor comes back in and says I have damaged some ligaments in my leg. Now, I ask does one mess up ligaments by just getting out of bed???? Seriously, that is when I noticed it hurting, right after I got out of bed on Sunday. I felt so lame. Here I not only wasted $100 for an emergency room co-pay but I have wasted a good 4 hours of my life. I could have been blogging! He gave me two presciptions and sent me on my way.

I have been reading up about my injury on the internet and it seems Nomar was on the DL with an injury like mine. That made me feel a little better, at least I got my butt up today and went to work!

Sitting in a chair kind of hurts so I am really wishing I had bought a laptop instead of this desktop so I could continue blogging away. I just had to save a few bucks! I am such a big DUMMY!

So, this is my blog for the day...hopefully after I pop a couple of painkillers (thank you Dr Stafford!) and elevate it like they told me I will be as good as new tomorrow and back to my normal blog schedule.

Everyone, please be careful getting out of bed! Seems it can be hazardous to your health!


Anonymous said...

hey at least you are going to be ok & it's nothing serious !!

Chanin Bissinger said...

I know I know, I just feel really dumb going in there thinking it was a blood clot...LOL. But I will get over it!

Tiffany said...

Um you didn't call me. I hope you are better. You are a bit of a hypo though. People should know that. You have issues with the toilet period without trying to dismount from one..
Hope you are better xoxo
PS I bet that shit Derek is the one that gets your stupid baseball

Anonymous said...

u can never be to careful, i would have done the samething!!
glad you are ok & feeling better :)

Chanin Bissinger said...

Was it really necessary to bring up my toilet issues??????
I am not hypo, I had not gone to a Dr in over 3 years before I moved back here.
Derek would not want my baseball, he doesn't like baseball. I think I will just have it buried with me! LOL I already know I am getting buried in my Roethlisberger jersey!
Love you lots Tiff!

Mind of MadMan said...

Clots have the numbness but it is good to double check. Now you see why I try not to get out of bed?? Use the brace and ice and wrap it and unwrap with ace wrap every 2 hours.. sure they told you these things though.Be careful of over compensating you could injury it more or your other one..
And yes Nomar is a wimp...

Chanin Bissinger said...

It was feeling numb behind my knee which was what really freaked me out so that is why I spent the money and went. Oh well.
Yes, that is exactly what they told me to do except of course I don't do that while at work.
Nomar is worse than a girl! LOL

Anonymous said...

Hey friend! I am glad it wasn't a blood clot. I was worried about that other thing that happened to your leg when I first started reading. I think it was a smart thing to go have it checked out. And there are worse things you could have spent your money on.

More Jessica Simpson CD's LOL !!!


p.s. glad you are doing better.