Saturday, September 27, 2008

Letter To George Steinbrenner

Dear Big Jerk Steinbrenner,

What a difference a year makes! I took a new job with the Dodgers after you offered me that lousy one year contract extension that was a pay cut and had terrible terms like making it to the American League Championship game. Not sure if you just weren't paying attention but the Yankees suck. You spent so much money and they just don't click.

Anyways, the team I took over has clinched their division and we will be heading to the playoffs. Where will your precious Yankees be????? Out on the golf course yet again...enjoying their long off season. Sadly, no playoffs for you.

I tried to tell you many times that money doesn't buy championships. Look at Tampa Bay, they have the 2nd lowest payroll in baseball. Too bad you never listened to me. Oh well, I don't have to deal with your bs anymore. I am playoff bound baby! LA is way cooler than NY. Forget about it!

Kiss my hairy ass,
Joe Torre


Mind of MadMan said...

Joe's ass is hairy??
But semiseriously, Stinkburger had the nerve to elude that Joe is in the weaker division, which he is, but stinkmiser still should not have said a damn thing.

tcp said...

Excellent work. I couldn't believe that Hank "Tommy Boy" Steinbrenner had the nerve to say that Torre only won because he is in a weaker division...what he meant to say was "gee I wish we would have kept that guy, then we might be playing next week instead of going home".

Anonymous said...

LMAO! this was awesome!

Chanin Bissinger said...

I read the Hank piece after I had written this. I may have to send him a letter next!
Madman, I haven't seen Joe's ass...he just seems like a hairy little bastard so I just assumed. I could be wrong...he could be having it waxed since he has moved to Cali! LOL