Monday, September 15, 2008

Evil Thunder Doggs Prevails...I AM AN IDIOT!

Well, I think I must be the biggest idiot ever to play fantasy baseball. I have lost to my nemesis, Thunder Doggs in the playoffs. We wound up being tied 6-6 so here is the real kicker… I had no idea about a tiebreaker and what it would take to win if it came to that. So, 2 days ago I pulled George Sherrill off the DL and put him as a starting pitcher. I guess he went in yesterday and sucked. His era was 81 if that tells you anything. He blew up my ERA which of course was the 1st tiebreaker category, so I lost. All that money just slipped out of my fingers. Seriously, I feel ill about this. I am so mad at myself for not realizing that maybe I should take a peek at the tiebreaker rules and set my lineup accordingly. I should have benched all my pitchers yesterday! How could I be so dumb???

Moral of this story is even if you think you are ok and you might not tie someone, read the rules and prepare yourself even if the chance is only slight for a tie. Otherwise you will be in the toilet all day puking like I have been.


CowboyJoe said...

Bummer,looks like it's time to put a curse on your nemesis.

I've only played fantasy football, it's easier to follow the players and the stats than with fantasy baseball. And I like football a lot more than I do baseball.

Chanin Bissinger said...

Fantasy football is much easier! But I love baseball as well and had taken their money from them once so I felt my chances were good.
Oh well, more time to focus on my fantasy football teams and my blog.