Sunday, September 14, 2008

Shanny Has Balls and A Great Quarterback

Mike Shanahan has balls of steel. After the Broncos scored a TD late in the 4th quarter, he decided to go for the win instead of the tie. I believe the majority, if not all NFL coaches would have kicked the field goal and taken their chances in overtime. Not Shanny! Cutler went out and drilled a ball into Eddie Royal's guts and that was that. They were ahead by a point with very little time left in the game. It was a really exciting game to watch, but what I loved most was Cutler's play.

I have loved Jay Cutler since I watched him at the NFL combine before he was drafted. He had a quiet confidence and a crazy strong arm. I think now that he has a year under his belt and his diabetes in check we will all see just what a great talent he is. He has been quite impressive in his last two games and I hope he does great, but not great enough to save Shanny's job. The Broncos have not done anything in 10 years yet, he still has a job. I just don't get it. Poor Lane Kiffin is going to be out the door just after one full season. Most owners do not give a coach very long to get back to the Superbowl and I think he has had more than enough time.

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Anonymous said...

Cutler is a huge presence on the field this season. I'm glad, alot of people had doubts after his diagnosis of diabetes. i've been saying over & over it will not be a problem if he keeps his diet & insulin in check.

i'm not a huge fan of denver, but i am a fan of cutler's for overcoming the negative & turning it into a positive. solid write up chicka!