Sunday, September 28, 2008

God Bless Directv!

I thought Directv's NFL Sunday Ticket was the best thing ever invented until I also purchased Super Fan to go along with it. I can hardly wait for Sundays to roll around so I can watch all those games in HD.

Directv has also made me the most popular person at work ever. Every Friday the dudes line up at my desk and make promises of goodies in order for me to allow them to come over and watch. Best gift so far...a $50 gift card for gas. Boy did that come in handy! And all I had to do was let him watch the Colts/Jacksonville game. Of course it was almost too much to deal with when his Colts lost and he realized not only had he lost a $50 gift card but his team lost. It was a major downer.

This weekend Jimmy has asked to come over and since Jimmy has let me watch a million UFC fights at his house totally for free I told him a pizza would do the trick. This may sound very selfish of me but to be brutally honest I prefer having my toy all to myself. On a Sunday when the Steelers are not playing I love to watch "The Red Zone" channel. This is a channel in HD by the way, that goes from game to game to game when a team is in the red zone. Sometimes they even split the screens so you can watch two teams score at once! This is almost enough excitement for me to have a spontaneous orgasm. Seriously. But for folks that don't have this yet, they seem slow to accept it. Jimmy wants to watch the Tennessee vs Minnesota game today. Why I ask?????? Why watch just one lousy game when you can watch one channel that will flip you right over there when something exciting happens??? The only time I watch a full game is when the Steelers are playing or when it is the only game on tv.

People find it very sad that I don't leave my house after 12pm on Sundays. They find it disturbing. Listen, I spend $160/month on my satellite bill, make payments on a 65 inch HD tv and I have comfy chairs. Why would I ever leave??? If football was on 7 days a week, I just might have to quit my job.

God Bless Directv! If you ever needed anyone to do a commercial for you, I would do it for free! For real...I love it that much. For any of you out there thinking about purchasing it, feel free to ask me questions, I love making people as happy as I am.


Mind of MadMan said...

Call me shallow, but if I was single... what a great match!!!

Chanin Bissinger said...

Thanks madman!
If you are ever in Missouri, you are more than welcome to come watch some football. I won't even charge you a gas card! LOL

Tiffany said...

These football parties are the best. NOT.
Love me some Chan though...