Sunday, September 21, 2008

NFL Office Pool Week 3

It is almost time for Week 3 to get under way so I thought I would share my picks this week from my office pool. I am referred to as "the bookie" of our office. I run the pool for NFL, put together a March Madness bracket and do the squares for the World Series. It makes work a little more fun. So I thought for the rest of the football season I would share my picks. We just pick them straight up, no points involved.

Here we go:
Atlanta- DUH. The Chiefs could not beat a high school team.
Buffalo- Love the Bills D so much I picked them up on all my fantasy rosters.
Chicago- Another great D.
Minnesota- this one bothers me, especially if Peterson doesn't play. But they need a win to get on track.
New England- Dolphins are only slightly better than the Chiefs.
New York Giants- should be an easy win against the Bengals.
Tennessee-Strong running game and D, I think this one will be very close though.
Washington- Another game I think could go either way, I will take the home team.
Denver- I love me some Jay Cutler!
Detroit- Yes, I know...San Fran should beat them and I am the only person in our pool to pick them, but I have a feeling about them this week.
Seattle-With the 12th man behind them I think they will squeak out a win.
Baltimore- Plenty of time to prepare for this one and at home with a great D.
Indianapolis- This will be a close one but I like the Indy offense better right now.
Pittsburgh- Did you really expect me to pick against my team????
Dallas- I think I am wishing I could change this one. This game is a toss up, it may be like the Monday night game, last team with the ball wins.
San Diego-They really need a win and if they cannot get it from the Jets, then they should just shut it down for the season.

So that is it, I will come back tomorrow either rich or broke.

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