Sunday, September 21, 2008

Bill Cowher The Steelers Need You!

Dear Coach,
The Steelers need you. They are lacking the intensity that they played with when you were around. Today against the Eagles, the offensive line allowed 8 sacks on Big Ben. I know this would not have happened on your watch. Mike Tomlin is a nice enough fellow, don't get me wrong...but nice just doesn't cut it. Every time they showed him on the sidelines he was just clapping...even if we just screwed up royally. It reminded me of Herm Edwards. I don't want the Steelers to become the Chiefs!

So please, consider giving up your nice comfy TV job and come back to the sidelines. I am sure by now you have enough spit saved up to frighten the o-linemen to death, no more sacks allowed with you back on the sidelines. We miss ya coach!

Steeler Nation

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