Thursday, September 11, 2008

Thunder Doggs Is Beginning to Irritate Me

I joined a fantasy baseball league involving a radio station and mainly their djs. I am the only chick in the league and well, I have been kicking their butts! I won the money for the best record at the All-Star break and I have not been out of first place since May. I got a bye week last week and this week I am playing the commissioner of the league. I played with this group about 4 years ago and took all their money so I think he has some sort of anger about that. He is really out to get me this week!

It never fails that when I enter the playoffs after cruising all season long, someone...someone big gets hurt. I am already short some players tonight and find out that Yadier Molina is out tonight and Brandon Phillips is out for the rest of the season. So I add a couple of players to fill in for my losses. I just checked the waiver wire and this guy is picking up players right and left trying to beat me. It is actually making me a little nervous. I have conceded the win category to him because I prefer to win the saves, era, losses and whip. We are very close on all the batting categories so him adding players when I have 2 empty roster spots is making me nervous.

Why do people play like this???? I know there is quite a bit of money at stake but I am not going to drop most of my team to beat someone. Guess I will have faith that my team is superior and after I beat him, I will go pick up his team off waivers so I can whip up on the team I face in the championship game. It might also help if everyone out there puts a curse on Albert Pujols this week. Not anything major of course, just something like everytime he is at bat he gets a mental picture of John McCain naked in his head and just can't shake it off. Can't blame a girl for trying!


Anonymous said...

HA love the closing line

mccain naked would give me nightmares

Chanin Bissinger said...

Hey ck!
Oh I know...but I need something BAD in Pujols head. I think it kind of worked last night, he was only 1-5 and an RBI...I can live with that! lol

Anonymous said...

girl u crack me up!!

Chanin Bissinger said...

Hey ck,
How do you get your labels to show on your blog?? I for some reason have tried everything and cannot get it to work.
Shoot me an e-mail and let me know

Anonymous said...

check your mail :)

peace out,