Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Denver Nuggets: Another Season Yet to Waste

Oh yes, it is almost time for my Denver Nuggets to begin the 08-09 basketball season. Another year for me to be disappointed. Another year to get into the 1st round of the playoffs and then get beat by whomever. They traded off our best defensive weapons in Camby and Najera so I guess the goal this season is no defense, all offense. I hope it works. With all the talent on this team it is a shame to see it wasted every season. I mean really a great season for the Nuggets at this point would be to just make it past the first round of the playoffs. To actually beat someone!
Alright, enough of my negative pep talk! Come on Nuggets! I am ready for some b-ball!

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CK0712™ said...

HA, have faith!
good luck~