Thursday, October 23, 2008

Fantasy Basketball 2008

Every year we participate in a fantasy basketball league at work. Usually for money but this year we decided just to play for free. We had a whopping 4 people show up online tonight for the draft so as you can imagine our teams are stacked. Personally I think my team rules, but maybe I am wrong. Which team wins it all?????

My team-Luke Walton's Stalkers
Chris Paul
Jason Richardson
Kevin Martin
Caron Butler
Kevin Garnett
Chris Bosh
Marcus Camby
Andrew Bynum
Rashard Lewis
Chauncey Billups
Ron Artest
Peja Stojakovic
Mike Dunleavy

Team Rim Lickers-Chris
Baron Davis
Kobe Bryant
Paul Pierce
Tracy McGrady
Dirk Nowitsky
Tim Duncan
Dwight Howard
Elton Brand
Joe Johnson
Manu Ginobili
Emeka Okafor
Kevin Durant
OJ Mayo

Team Snatch Atak- Joey
Allen Iverson
Danny Granger
Deron Williams
Shawn Marion
Antawn Jamison
Carlos Boozer
Yao Ming
Carmelo Anthony
LaMarcus Aldridge
Michael Redd
Hedo Turkoglu
Lamar Odom
Rasheed Wallace

Team Ball Crushers-Nicole
Dewayne Wade
Andre Iguodala
Steve Nash
Lebron James
Amare Stoudemire
Al Jefferson
Pau Gasol
Mehmet Okur
Rudy Gay
Vince Carter
Jose Calderon
David West
Josh Smith

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