Thursday, October 23, 2008

Tom Brady's Career Over???

I have been listening to ESPN radio this morning and everyone has pretty much written off Tom Brady's career. It has been published on Brady's website that he has an infection in his leg and they have been trying to get rid of it.

It seems the Patriots are not too happy with Brady because he went to a family doctor instead of the one the team wanted him to use.

What a mess! The folks on ESPN are talking about scenarios involving his leg being amputated and all sorts of things. It is just hard to imagine his career might be over. I am not a fan of his but I think it would be a shame for an injury to end his career while he is in his prime.


Anonymous said...

it is a total mess & i feel so bad for this man. who the hell are the PATS to tell him what doc to see. he's obviously deeply concerned about his health. very scary girl, very!!

i'm not patriots fan, not by a long shot, but when it comes to something like this: very scary!!

Mind of MadMan said...

These are not as simple as the powers that be try to make everyone believe, this is just more proof of it.

Chanin Bissinger said...

I feel really bad now because I was all happy when he got injured...always hating on the perfect people...and now I feel bad about it. The poor guy could lose his leg.

Anonymous said...

i hear you girl!! alot of people were doing the happy dance. well, i suppose once this is over maybe he'll retire! he could def. afford to. i wouldn't want to chance aggravating that injury again. i cannot believe they can't get the infection under control. i suppose that is why he sought out a "2nd" opinion with his own doc. hell i would have too. from all i've seen & read the past few days, infections such as these are all to common anymore for athletes. YIKES!