Monday, November 10, 2008

Crazy Week Deserves Crazy Cat

What a week in sports! I have been so busy watching games that I have not had much of a chance to blog.

How about that Alabama and LSU game??? What an exciting game to watch! Part of me thought LSU might get the upset in this matchup but the evil Nick Saban prevailed.

Penn State got beat by Iowa??? Never saw that coming at all.

Texas Tech looks unstoppable. I am now rooting for them to win it all.

I guess I should address my Steelers loss yesterday. I keep hearing how Ben is injured and is not playing well because of the pain. Ok, if I am coach, I say bench him. Let him rest. Put in Leftwich. Two of Ben's turnovers cost us the game. I am one of Ben's biggest fan's and the girlfriend he doesn't know about...but when someone is that out of it, please put in the backup for awhile. Like the Rams putting in Trent Green yesterday. Bulger sucks, he was out at halftime. With Baltimore playing better and better every week, each game this season is that much more important. If the offense needs a spark and the starter isn't getting it done, I am all for throwing in the backup that won the game for us last week. Ok, I am done. That is all I am gonna say about it.

Just heard Geovany Soto won NL Rookie of the Year...hey at least the Cubs got a little good news this season eh????


Grumpy said...

I saw virtually every snap of Ben's college career and have seen every snap he has taken as a Steeler. From that perspective, he doesn't appear to be himself. Not as much velocity, not as mobile, not as confident. But Leftwich is a statue back there. If that line has trouble giving Ben time, I shudder to think what will happen with Leftwich. I think we have to accept that Ben's not going to get better until he has an off-season for his shoulder to heal. Probably playoffs this year, but a healthy Ben could mean big things next year.

Chanin Bissinger said...

As you know I love Ben Grumpy but it seems to me the times I have seen Leftwich play he takes a shorter drop and gets rid of it quicker. I think we could deal with him being QB for a week or two for Ben to get healthier so we can make a playoff run.

Grumpy said...

I see your logic, but there is a reason Leftwich wasn't on a roster when the Steelers picked him up.

Chanin Bissinger said...

Very true Grumpy.