Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Phil Fulmer Leaving Makes Me Cry

I kinda looked like this on Saturday night. Well, I am a little older than he is and um, I am female...but the tears were the same. I felt like I had to watch Phil Fulmer coach his last game being the big Vols fan I am. Well that was a damn mistake!

At the end of the game, he was given the game ball and some of his players insisted on carrying him off the field on their shoulders. That was it. That was all it took. I am bawling on my couch just like this kid. Seriously, I had to go get out a box of Kleenex. I could not turn off the tv, I just kept watching and crying. God, I am so dumb! I have no idea why I cry during sports like most girls cry while watching "Beaches" but I do!

I will miss you Phil. I am not sure about this Lane Kiffin person at all. Thanks for the Championship and all the bowl games. You were an awesome coach!


The BEEZE said...

I'm sorry for your sadness, but it was time for Fulmer to go. The Vols need a change...My Irish may need one too.

I think Kiffin will do well, and he's bringing in his old man to help out. Their gonna have a hell of a defense in a couple years.

Chanin Bissinger said...

I know he had to go Beeze, it is just hard. Phil was a class act.

I think I am more excited about getting Lane's dad than I am about getting him. TN's defense is pretty good anyways...can't wait to see what Monte does with it.
Sorry to say the Irish are stuck with Weis one more year.

The BEEZE said...

Yeah, Let's hope Charlie pulls his head out of his @$$.