Monday, December 15, 2008

Steelers Beat? Baltimore 13-9

I hate games like this. A questionable call should not end a game like that. I am one of the biggest Steelers fans in the world and I wanted my team to win this one more than anything but I don't think that was a touchdown. Yes, his feet were in, yes he had made the catch, but the ball never crossed the plane of the goalline. I would rather this game been tied at that point and taken our chances in overtime than to get a win like this, a win that everyone says we don't deserve, that the Baltimore Ravens were "cheated".

Well, what say you? TD or no TD?


Grumpy said...

Clearly a touchdown. Think of it this way. What if a receiver makes a catch on the sideline of the end zone, with both feet in but he's stretched out with his hands and the ball over the sideline? You would call that a td. His feet are in the end zone when he has possession even though the ball is never in the end zone. Same holds true for the front of the end zone. It's common sense. If you have possession of the ball and both feet are in the end zone, it's a touchdown. Moot point really, because I guarantee you they were going to go for it on 4th down. There would not have been an overtime.

The BEEZE said...

I agree with Grumpy that the Steelers would have punched it in if they had to, but I don't agree with the rest.....If you catch the ball on the sideline of the end zone, the ball crossed the plane on it's way there....At the front of the end zone if the feet are in and the ball isn''s not a touchdown.

The rule has always been that the ball has to break the plane...It didn't...It wasn't a touchdown.

That all said, I really don't care, because I hate the Ravens.

Chanin Bissinger said...

I don't think it was a TD, and I think you guys are right that they probably would have gone for it if it had been ruled no TD. Although, if I were the coach I would not have because I am a big chicken...LOL.

Thanks for the comments!

Grumpy said...

What does crossing the plane on its' way there have to do with anything? It's not in possession of anyone as it flies through the air. I've looked at numerous videos and stills today on the web and I'm convinced he had possession with both feet down and the ball over the goal line.

The BEEZE said...

I only watched the numerous replays during the game, and then on the NFL network. He had both feet in, and possession, but I didn't see the ball break the plane...I'm buying a rule book tomorrow...I want to see what it says.

Anonymous said...

Page 776 of the rules digest in the NFL fact book reads: "A player with the ball in his possession scores a touchdown when the ball is on, above or over the goal line."

no need to buy the book Beeze, that's the rule right above!!

the ball was NOT over the goal line, it was not even above......but the refs ruled it as such, with the 2 minute play review from the booth. the refs are now re thinking the position to which they called the play.

regardless, the ravens got hosed by the refs.

grumpy, i have plenty of footage, i work for i watched the game, that was NO TD. however when a ref calls a play, at the 2 minute warning & it's called to the booth for review.......nothing anyone can do about the decision.

have a kicken day!

Anonymous said...

BTW i think that rule is bogus, cross the dayum line or get outta the way!!

Chanin Bissinger said...

thanks for the info ck! I didn't see it cross and I really wanted it to cross! LOL Oh well, not much we can do about it now.