Thursday, January 22, 2009

Irvin To Get Reality Show

It seems Michael Irvin is getting his own reality show. The prize you ask??? Nope, not coke or strippers. How about a shot at the Dallas Cowboys training camp? A shot at being on the roster.

Pretty nice prize but you are gonna have to be able to play. They are looking for people that can handle a NFL training camp. I thought about trying out to see if they would take a girl...but the thought of running around in the hot sun in pads with Jerry Jones looking on turned my stomach. Not to mention I would have to bitch slap Michael. I don't like him. I don't like to hear his voice. I don't like looking at his bling. Why not someone else??? Deion Sanders??? Troy Aikman??? Where the hell is Danny White when you need him????

Do they make kickers run? Maybe I could try out as a kicker. Kick a few field goals, try to convince Tony not to marry Jessica, stare at T.O's abs (if he is still working there this summer) and eat chicken wings on the sidelines. I might just have to try out for this show! I can give them a great sob story...I am a girl, no one let me play because I am a girl booo hoooo. Watch me kick a 10 yard field goal. Flash my boobs and I am in! NFL here I come!


Grumpy said...

Go for it! Extra points for a Danny White reference.

Chanin Bissinger said...

Ahhhhhh someone else remembers old Danny! When I was a kid I thought I was on a flight coming from Dallas with him. Went up to the poor dude and asked was a big NO! LOL

tbone said...

Oh please oh please don't sell your football soul or waste a good boobie flash on the Cowboys lol