Saturday, January 24, 2009

NC State Women's Basketball Coach Kay Yow Dead At 66

Kay Yow's battle with breast cancer has ended.

I have watched quite a bit of women's basketball being the big Vols fan that I am. The lady was a class act and a winner. She stands as the 5th winningest active women's coach in NCAA Division I basketball.

Cancer is such a nasty disease. I watched it take my grandmother 3 years ago. I hope someone finds a cure for this disease very soon.


David Funk said...

Truly a sad day in Raleigh.

I've had a quite a few family members die from cancer, and it seems every family has that. One of my good friends(who has a blog on Blogger) had pancreatic cancer, and vital organs had to be removed to stop the spreading.

Take care and good luck to your Steelers in the Super Bowl!

Grumpy said...

I met Kay at a clinic many years ago. A real classy lady and a tremendous loss for college basketball.