Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Chris Carr To Visit The Steelers Today

Chris Carr a corner from the Tennessee Titans will be visiting with the Steelers today.

Looks like they are looking to replace McFadden with a free agent instead of through the draft.


JayPwn said...

Looks like the only person the Titans are looking to keep is stallwart, franchise QB Kerry Collins! ...uhhh....? doH!

Chanin Bissinger said...

Collins rules! lol

Clayton Terry said...

The Titans are losing some key pieces on their team. Doesn't look like they will have as good of a season as they did last year.

This would be a good pick up though for the Steelers. A big upgrade from McFadden

Chanin Bissinger said...

Yea, I really wasn't much of a fan of McFadden so I think this dude would be great.
The Titans won't be near as good. Curse of the Terrible Towel working its magic. Don't stomp on towel Mr. White! lol

3rdStoneFromTheSun said...

Carr should give them a decent KR at the least