Friday, July 31, 2009

Cyborg Is A Dude

Just look at this photo taken at the ESPY awards. Look how much bigger this chick is than Gina Carano. Look how manly she looks in a dress. Where does she buy her shoes/boots???

The August 15th fight is fast approaching and I am very frightened for Gina. I am going to root like hell that she can pull this off but seeing things like this makes me have my doubts. I really think she should be tested before being allowed into the octagon.

Gina I love you but I hope you won't have to have plastic surgery to put your face back together after this one!


Grumpy said...

Yea, but who is the babe on the left? Now that is what I call hot, not Jimmy's lineup of anorexics.

Chanin Bissinger said...

That is Gina Carano. We are making her our Friday pick the Friday before she fights...8/14 because she won't ever look the same again. lol

Grumpy said...

I know absolutely zero about MMA. Why does she have to fight a man? I would demand a chromosome test.