Friday, July 10, 2009

Jimmy's Freaky Frisky Friday Pick...

In honor of UFC 100 this weekend, Jimmy has picked UFC ring girl... Arianny Celeste. It takes a very special person to be able to handle that large sign and display it just so everyone can see what round it is. I mean, that my friends is a true talent. I had no idea how difficult it was until I saw firsthand what can go wrong if you have the wrong ring girl.

At one of our previous UFC parties, the boys all pitched in to hire a stripper to be their ring girl for the night. She drank all their beer, puked on my kitchen floor and set fire to our cardboard ring sign. I could not buy enough Lysol to make myself feel good enough about the germs she left in my house.

So give it up for a REAL ring girl...a woman with true talent...Jimmy's Freaky Frisky Friday pick...Arianny Celeste.


Grumpy said...

A ring girl in your living room? That's a great story.

Chanin Bissinger said...

Lol...thanks Grumpy! I hang out with some wild and crazy dudes.

Anonymous said...; You saved my day again.