Thursday, January 14, 2010

Letting Lust Pick Playoff Games Round 2

Well I didn't do so bad last week...3 out 4 is not bad at all. Now we move to round 2.

Flacco vs Manning. This one was easy...Flacco. There is just something about Peyton's shiny huge forehead that freaks me out. Baltimore by 3.

Phillip Rivers vs Mark Sanchez. Ok, I have to confess...I have had a crush on Phillip Rivers for quite some time. I like his fiery personality...the competitor in him, along with that cute slight Southern accent he has. Mark Sanchez is hot, but he knows it. San Diego by a TD.

Kurt Warner vs Drew Brees. How do I put this nicely?? With the bad combover he is rocking lately and the birth mark that probably should have been removed long ago...Drew Brees is an acquired taste to say the least. Kurt is a handsome devil. Arizona by 4.

Now we come to pick that will make me many enemies. Romo vs Favre. I am sorry but I have to go with the dimples. Let us all pray the old man pulls one off. Cowboys by 3.
There you have it...tune in next week for round 3.


Grumpy said...

I think 2-2 at best this week. Rivers? Really? What a jerk.

Chanin Bissinger said...

Don't you know girls like the bad boys??? lol
Picks were terrible this week. Let's hope next week goes better.