Sunday, February 7, 2010

Letting Lust Pick the Superbowl

Well, this has method has not worked so well picking winners in the playoff games. Let's just finish the season and I might have to actually look at stats or something to pick winners next year.

In the past, I would compare the quarterbacks of the teams...but honestly I am not into either Peyton "Big Forehead" Manning or Drew "Combover" Brees. So I thought maybe I should have it between the two tight ends then realized they are both pretty fugly. So that leaves me with comparing the running backs. Reggie Bush vs Joseph Addai.

Let's start with Joseph...he has dreds...very cool. But I am thinking there is a reason I could hardly find any pictures of him without his helmet on. Check it out for yourself...

Next we move to the Saints and let me tell you...ding ding ding we have a winner. Reggie Bush is hot! Kim Kardashian found herself a hottie. Check out these abs. Abs always win...Saints 34 Colts 31. Enjoy the game everyone!

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Grumpy said...

You're slowly perfecting your method.