Sunday, July 26, 2009

Experiment: One Week Without Television

I have made it almost the entire weekend without watching television. I honestly thought this would be much more difficult than it has been so far. I think the weekdays will be more difficult just because my routine during the week seems to be get off work, get something to eat and plant myself in front of the TV until time for bed.

Here are a few posts I made on Facebook over the weekend without TV:

"I suppose this is when it gets hard. I am home screens are blank. What do I do now???"

"The evil Tivo recording light is taunting me. I walked through the living room and it was screaming out to me..."I am recording something you are not ever going to get to watch. Loser girl!" If I didn't love my Tivo so much I might kick it out of my house."

"So far so good...been busy...have not missed tv that much at all. Been a very productive day...maybe I should give up tv for good."

"Day 2 without tv: grocery shopping, furniture shopping, trip to library, mineral museum, trip to Kellogg lake and then for a drive. Holy crap! Seems I actually get out of the house when I don't watch tv."

"When you don't get out of bed until almost noon that really helps not missing tv. Yet another productive day not counting sleeping most of it away."

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Grumpy said...

You're doing great. Look around town for events in the evening, concerts in the parks, car cruise-ins, book readings etc. Stay busy.